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Shetal provides the unique tools and support to EDUCATE individuals about nutrition and healthy living and INSPIRE the motivation to heal the body (on the inside and outside). We help you create lifestyle change that EMPOWERS others to follow the same path, leading a movement that can TRANSFORM the health of individuals, families, friends, and our community! 

Wellness Director and Integrative Nutrition Coach

Meet Shetal | Datta Health & Wellness

Hello! and thanks for visiting my page. I would love for you to get to know a little bit about me and how I came to be a health coach. First and foremost, I love working in the health field! For the last 20 years I have been working in the health field in various different capacities. I began my health career as a rural community health volunteer for the Peace Corps, where I helped a population of 1800 achieve better nutrition through gardening and creating balanced meals to help them reduce hypertension, type 2 diabetes, and vitamin D deficiency.
After completing my MPH in Global Health (specializing in micro nutrition, HIV/AIDS, and Reproductive Health at Tulane’s School for Global Health, I worked for 10 years as a global health policy consultant. I worked on large scale global health advocacy and training projects with organizations such a USAID, UNICEF, UNDP, and local governments from various countries focusing on how to create and implement better policies focusing on nutrition, HIV/AIDS, and reproductive health. 
I have always been focused on how to implement healthy action plans to create a sustainable and fulfilling life. In 2007, I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis, where my thyroid function decreased, thus slowing down my metabolism. I could not believe how horrible I felt and became frustrated with the options my physician was giving me. More so, I was upset at myself because I thought that I was leading a healthy lifestyle. I believe that this moment was the beginning of my journey to learn more about myself, and what my body needs in order to be healthier. In 2014, I went back to school to become a certified health coach, and started my own wellness business. Since then, I have worked with hundreds of individual clients and corporations on issues related to weight loss, diabetes, improving thyroid health, stress management, irritable bowel syndrome, hypertension, stress relief, acid reflux, and overall gut health. I can help you create successful and sustainable plans that can help you create a more resilient and vibrant life. I look forward to working with you!


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