No Mud, No Lotus

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No Mud No Lotus” is a quote originated by the Buddhist philosopher Thich Naht Hahn. I was introduced to it while watching renown author and food investigator Vani Hari on stage at the “Take Back Your Health” conference in Washington, DC.

That quote really resonated with me, and I came back to work telling all of my clients about it when they were discouraged or beating themselves up for not doing well enough. The first question that I asked them was, “what situation or event occurred in your life that veered you off the course of your health plan?” What happens to us when we choose not to make the best decisions for ourselves? Is it stress? Boredom? Loneliness? Helplessness? An argument with a family member? What is actually occurring in our lives that is mucking up our success?

Have you noticed how a lotus flower grows? In sits beautifully a top of the deep dark depths of murky water. The shoot has quite the struggle to emerge to the top of the water where it can breathe in the pure air and bask in the sunlight that it needs to bloom. What’s also interesting is that every night the lotus blossom closes up and slips back into the murky water. It is said that the murkier and the water is, the more beautiful the lotus emerges.

We all have our own story, our own murkiness that we are battling on a daily basis. The sediment granules that cause the murkiness represent our relationships, social life, finances, spirituality, creativity, joy, career, physical activity, home environment, emotions, health, food and NUTRITION!!

All of these granules are subtly moving and shifting, but the shoot of the lotus has to battle with all of these granules to reach the top of the water on a daily basis, and it needs to absorb good nutrients so that can thrive. Eating good food or sticking to a clean diet, or following a health routine can definitely help you look better and feel better however, we must acknowledge and address the sediment granules within us that cause us to slip up, veer off course, and self-sabotage our health. It is only when we have addressed these granules that we can emerge as a vibrant beautiful lotus- a symbol of purity, beauty, majesty, grace, fertility, wealth, richness, knowledge and serenity.

I invite you to come work with us at the Datta Health and Wellness Center to achieve your health and nutrition goals, so that we can look through the murkiness, nourish the sediment granules, and help you rise out of the water as the beautiful lotus you are!

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