Pack Your Bags: How to Eat Healthy While Traveling

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Summer travel is exciting but adds a challenge to your diet. It’s easy to be tempted and lured into bad choices with hotel vending machines on every floor, eating at restaurants every night, changes to your normal routine, and endless hours in a car or plane. Don’t let these distractions take you off track. We’ve come up with ways to help you get through the vacation season:

Pack food

If you plan to travel by car, take along a small cooler to fill with healthy snacks. When hunger strikes, you have access to smart choices that will sustain you throughout the day.   Take along IP meal replacements in the event your schedule doesn’t allow you to eat at your normal time. Pack a few IP-friendly snacks to get you through long afternoons between meals.

Research restaurants

Go online and pull up restaurant menus before you head out. Identify spots that offer healthy choices, fresh salads, and grilled proteins.   Resist the urge to sit at the bar in front of a TV. Distracted eaters consume up to 25 percent more calories over the course of the day.   Save yourself hundreds of calories and eat in the dining room.

Get up and move

Summer vacations usually include walks on the beach, hikes in nature, or the occasional dip in the pool. Stay active during your trip, your energy levels will increase with the adrenaline of being away from it all. Take advantage of your heightened energy and have a little fun, get on a bicycle or rent a kayak.

Remember, a healthy lifestyle goes on vacation with you. Your commitment to your future will only strengthen your attitude towards food. If you want more tips on how to travel, contact your coach.

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